I am the current president of my local quilt guild and as president, I issued a challenge to our members back in February, 2020.  Below is the challenge and quilts from participants.  The fabrics they were given were prints from my Signature collection with Island Batik called Lemon Grass.


St Cloud Heritage Quilters President’s Challenge 2020

I’m a numbers person.  By that I mean that I constantly seem to have numbers running through my head.  I tend to count how many pieces I have yet to sew, how many pieces there are in each block, how much longer it’s going to take me (in minutes/hours) to finish the binding, etc.  And that’s just numbers I think about when I’m quilting!  So my quilt challenge to SCHQ members had to be about the numbers – 2020.

The rules for this challenge were:

· The quilt must finish at 20” x 20”.

· The quilt must contain the two fabrics provided (fat 1/8th yards) and you must add two other fabrics (to represent the “2”s in 2020). 

· The quilt must have at least two circles or “0”s somewhere on it (to represent the “0”s in 2020).  These can be appliqued circles or circular shapes, circles in the additional two fabrics, or part of the quilting design.

· The quilt must contain 2 (and only 2) different quilt blocks.  You may have as many or as few of these 2 blocks as you want, but you can’t have more than 2 different quilt blocks.

Thanks to all who participated!  Members may vote on their favorites (see the newsletter for details) from November 22nd - December 6th.  I will update this page on December 7th with the names of the quilters and the winners.

Beth Krueger


Diane Kremer

“Passion Tulip”

Cassie Tinius

“Happy Dragonflies”

Deb VanVleet

“Which Way to Go - Ever Changing Rules and Regulations”

Gwen Carlson

“2020 in Binary Code”

Jane Mastroianna

“Dashing Around a Large Star”

Joyce Kron


Karen Cyson


Karen Ferkinhoff

“My Ode to 2020”

Kathryn Stolpman

“Safety Measures in 2020”

Lavonne Zeman


Linda Connell

“Time at the Lake”

Linda Lehn


Lisa Blocker

“Dragonfly and Mini-Me”

Lorna Yanish


Maggie Voigt

“Origami Flowers”

Marie Zackowski

“Cabin and Skein”

Marilyn Bujalski


Marlyn Anderson

“Log Cabins and Flying Geese”

Pam Schirmers

“Global Pindemic of 2020 - Pinwheel and 9-Patches”

Rita Moore

“Cerulean Wave”

Sandy Anderson

“Cloverleaf Exit”

Shelley Moldan

“Blue Hawaii”

Sue Johnson


Sue Lieser


Terri Bahn


Gwen Carlson

“20” x 20”

Chris Hoover

This was my example when

I introduced this challenge.